Dr Megan Campbell (PhD)
Counselling Psychologist, based in Foreshore, Cape Town.
Dr Megan Campbell Front Page Psychologist


We all experience difficult periods of change and adjustment in our lives. When these experiences become overwhelming and distressing we become aware of particular symptoms. How we make sense of these symptoms guides who we seek support from to cope better and overcome these challenges.

For example, if we experience distress through physical symptoms like changes in sleep, eating and mood we are likely to approach our GPs for help.

If we become more aware of our distress through changes in our emotional experience of the world around us, psychotherapy becomes a good fit.

The reality though is that distress impacts on us physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially. Psychotherapy works to unpack this distress from each of these perspectives, to bring about healthier change.

Megan Campbell - Cape Town

Psychological Services

Short-Term Solution-Focused Therapy

For people struggling with a specific problem or life event, personal problems, work related stress or conflicts, social or relationship conflicts.

Longer Term Relational Psychotherapy

For people struggling with the same problematic, recurring relationship choices, poor partner choices or conflicted parent-child relationships.

Relationship Enrichment

Building on current strengths and identifying growth-areas in partner relationships, developing improved communication skills, improving conflict resolution skills, identifying and managing expectations in the relationship, putting strategies in place for challenging difficult topics like managing money and parenting roles.

Groups & Family Therapy

Family therapy provides a supportive space for family members to explore and understand the family system and the roles they play within it.