About Me

My interest in Psychotherapy began at the Bryanston Counselling Centre in Johannesburg where I worked for 4 years as a lay counsellor after qualifying as a Psychometrist in 2002. I spent most of my time working with couples in the marriage prepare and enrichment programme. It was there that I developed my interest in couples counselling.


In 2009 I completed my MA in Counselling Psychology at Rhodes University with an internship at the Rhodes Clinic and the Student Counselling Centre. Here I focused on relational psychotherapy working with adults – individually, as couples and/or families.


Three years later I graduated with my PhD after a short period as a visiting scholar at the University of Tilburg and University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. In 2013 I moved to Cape Town and joined the UCT Psychiatry Department as a research fellow. During this time I led work on informed consent, stigma and cultural expressions of illness in a schizophrenia genomics study.


I’ve published over 25 journal articles and book chapters on topics including psychotherapy and clinical practice, cultural expressions of illness, sexuality-related conditions and ethics of psychiatric genomics, and presented my work at national and international conferences.


Over the years I’ve continued to grow my Psychotherapy Practice with a focus on relational psychotherapy, supporting individuals, couples and families through difficult relationship challenges. These have included conflicted parent/child relationships, siblings and partner relationships.

Dr Megan Campbell - Counselling Psychologist