Choosing the Right Therapist

  • The relationship that develops between you and your therapist is an essential element of the therapy process. You need to feel, safe and accepted in the therapy space. Book an initial session where we can meet and see how well we would work together.
  • The psychologist needs to be competent in the area or concern you are dealing with. He or she also needs to work from a therapeutic modality that aligns well with you. I draw from cognitive behaviour therapy, solution-focused psychotherapy and relational psychotherapy approaches to work in a goal-orientated way with clients. There is a strong focus on the therapeutic relationship. I am particularly passionate about supporting clients through relationship distress whether it be in a romantic relationship with a significant other, a toxic parent-child-sibling family dynamic, or repetitive poor choices in romantic partners or friendships.

Therapist Books
Therapist Clipboard

  • The psychology practice needs to be in an area or location that facilitates regular weekly sessions. MediCape is a collaborative practice that includes Dr. Raymond Haramis (GP) and Julia Gane (Physiotherapist). Our offices are on the ground floor, No 9 West Quay Road, The V & A Cape Town.
  • The cost of therapy sessions should fall within your budget. I charge a cash fee of R850/hour for individual and couple sessions. Clients are asked to settle at the end of the session. You will receive a statement at the end of the month that you submit to your medical aid.