What to Expect

The First Appointment

During the first appointment I will ask you a series of questions about why you have decided to make the appointment, what you hope to achieve through therapy and your expectations about working with me.


I will also ask you about any psychological symptoms you may be experiencing, your personal history and significant relationships. These questions form part of an assessment process and help to tailor the therapy experience to your specific needs.


Sometimes it may be necessary to have one or two follow-up appointments in order to consider all these aspects thoroughly. This is also an opportunity to consider whether you and I are well suited to each other and can work productively together in achieving your goals for therapy. Together we then discuss a therapy plan.


These sessions are usually 50 minutes long and take place once a week at a regular time.

Business Cards - First Appointment



The aim of psychotherapy is to bring about improved well-being, relief of symptoms and improved daily functioning in the long term. However, initially the therapy process can be unsettling particularly when you begin to confront thoughts, feelings and emotional experiences that you haven’t considered or shared before.


But therapy is also a courageous process that can bring about long term and sustainable change. Successful therapy is influenced by a number of factors including the rapport we build together, and the degree to which you take responsibility for your own therapeutic process.